Tuesday, 8 April 2014


Trying to find the sole reason of my existence,  always trying to remain myself of the possibilities and beautiful things the present situation brought with itself .
craving for better day then yesterday even though it was all that i wished for, yet something seemed absent and unable to point it out makes its even worse .
may be i was missing someone !!
or maybe i just need a break, all my life i have been trying to do the right thing. Always tried to avoid giving anyone a slightest reason to criticize people around me, i knew i was too weak to bear such burden so always tried to prevent it
i would't say i succeeded in doing so, but i think i tried my best. 
For a greater result there always involves a sacrifice, now i don't know what i missed because of it, but sure its something i have to figure out .
And m determined to go all the way through, really want to break free of this illusion that has been plaguing me for a decade .
Time to do my dirty laundry, and come out bright and clear .

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