Saturday, 4 October 2014

Ideal life

‘’SOUL guides the body to the ultimate fate ‘’the smallest moment of joy to the brutal hardships we endure are all part of the systemic mechanism.Oscar wilde said  “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” All we got to do is try to live, do things that gives us happiness because this are the field where we can optimize our potential to fullest.

It was just like other random days classes, chatting, and so on… nothing new to get excited and thrilled just trying to do one thing at a time to galvanize ourselves from boredom. Suddenly friend of mine came up with something, ‘’ wai… football chab ba joy gay mena’’??? Said tashi with a look which was so enriching and without any hesitation i responded ‘’tub tey, gatey lu’’??  At that precise moment I was just thinking to do it, I didn’t care about what my lectures would say or classes that I would probably miss. It was so sudden but I really wanted to do it, football was something I really enjoyed irrespective of situations it seemed have a soothing effect on me.
Within a few hours after my friend came up with idea, we were already making our journey towards Sharda University where someone he knew had already fixed the match. At that precise moment The hangover of boredom that has been a plague to us for a week was nowhere to be seen..
The level of joy that it brought was always intense unmatched by any other means maybe it was because it was  something I always loved doing, though it left the body with a fatigue which last for weeks, there’s always the desire to do better than the present, a unending determination and passion to be the best . May be the lust of game was all that kept me going in a world where it’s become so monotonous and everything we do was never something we truly wanted.
It was acceptable for me moreover those where the only moment where I truly was me, moment in which it was all of me trying hard just to make it a worth one. There are not many things I like doing I guess I’m too lazy for anything but I just want to think i didn’t get the right one, trying to be optimistic, won’t say it made any big difference but just enough to keep me going a little longer, life has always been surviving against the odds and i am pretty sure people never get what they want if we did I’m sure it would totally be a different world we breath in now!

Desire can be a great evil if not sustained yet it’s an essential aspect of life without which our sole purpose of existence wouldn’t have any meaning, people trying to reach out for the what they want often turns out getting what they need, and are they happy with it ?? well.. maybe not. But they are still surviving that’s the point!!

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  1. Hey, didn't know you have a blog. But it's seemed so lonely post, only 1. Hahaha.. Will you update and write more? ;) Nice post btw, doing things you loved doing! Keep it up la!! Take care! :)