Monday, 17 February 2014


''After a rain comes a rainbow '' that's what we usually hear when things aren't going the way we had hope for , and believe me it wasn't the greatest of time for us in a place which was so demanding  and every day we had to be at our optimal self to be of their standard .
Being able to get selected to study abroad , in repudiated collage among some of the worlds finest student , really does our parent proud more over the thrill and the excitement seems to take toll on one self due to infinite anticipation sometimes goes beyond of giving one hallucination . At that moment we become mature enough to understand how lucky we have been, blessed with a loving parent who always took our future a prime objective and almighty who blessed us with the best environment .

''With great power comes great responsibilities'', were some quotes bombarded to us by the elder and we knew what they meant , and was determinedly ready to take up any task to live up to the name . we knew our happy moment with our family was going to be paused for a while, yet it never seem to bother us our mind was fully occupied with all the promises and wonders the new place had to offer and the discomfort of living the love one behind was overweight by the excitement to explore new place .
A new place with whole new set of culture was what we were hoping and it didn't disappoint us,we had a far knowledge about it ,thanks to all those 21 century gadget that has become inevitable in our world . but it was easier said than done. when we face a problem we usually turned out to our parents or teachers  who one way or other always came up with a solution, we usually didn't have to go through all those hardship ourselves, well that's what we missed out consequently a minor problem we faced seemed big and in the quest for a solution we always ended up messing it up .... But life goes on we struggle yet never broken , take every steps towards what we are destined .   

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  1. That was simply wonderful.welcome to the world of blogging and will look forward to see your next post.